My Everything Book – Part Two

Today is Monday. It happens to be a recognized holiday, as well, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to my internal clock. It’s Monday, so it must be Staff Meeting day.

My staff is comprised of me. One. Me. Doesn’t matter; it’s still a Staff Meeting, because I am holding a meeting to plan my week, and I need my staff (me) to get on board with the agenda.

This week’s focus is Order. It was also last week’s focus. And the week before that. Which means that Order has been on my mind for a good while.

In this morning’s staff meeting, a plan for Order started to crystallize using My Everything Book.

It occurs to me that My Everything Book is the “in box” of my thoughts. And it came to mind that my in box is getting kind of full.

Of course, this is an analogy, but my mind has felt like it was adopting the look of My Everything Book, a defined-by-me comparison to the kitchen junk drawer. A case of the source emulating the symbol, rather than the other way ’round.

So, as part of my agenda this week, I’m going to start sorting out my in box. Review some of those thoughts, ideas and impressions to see if they can be moved somewhere else or discarded. I’m absolutely certain that the bulk of them can be “moved somewhere else” because I am not casual about what I write in My EB.

I have some preliminary “file folders;” Now, Later, Spirit, material, Do something, Give something up, Clear, Unclear, Balanced, Solid foundation.

Of course, most of those only mean something to me, but if you are keeping Your EB, and you decide to adopt my practice of sorting it out some, you’ll need to decide what to sort the stuff into for yourself.
For most of us, the simplest place to start is – important or not important? Now or later? To do or decisively NOT to do? That kind of thing.

I’ll let you know how things are going. Let me know if you decide to join me, and then let me know how things are going for YOU!



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2 Responses to My Everything Book – Part Two

  1. Marilyn says:

    I so often need to do a “data dump”. Short of doing a handstand and letting everything fall out of my head, this is an important way to accomplish that. I follow David Allen’s model (Getting Things Done) in which he emphasizes that what we’re storing in our heads is robbing us of the energy to DO something about what’s in our heads. So the creation of a “trusted process” is very important: to have all those thoughts, ideas, inspriations, problems, agendas, plans, etc. down in a system where we don’t have to worry that something is going unattended.

    I use OmniFocus, a software program, to do a lot of that. There is still the pad and paper as well. For the most part I’ve got lots of projects already stored in this program. My biggest challenge, however, is to rely on myself to hold a kind of Staff Meeting weekly that you’re talking about!

    Great blog. I look forward to exploring this more.

    • Jet says:

      Thanks, Marilyn!

      I have a friend who uses ACT! and has for years. I’m always amazed at how quickly she accesses information from wherever and whenever when a question is asked. Since I found my Intent Planner, I feel so much more secure in daily planning, and at least I know where the starts of my three future best sellers are…. thank you for sharing!

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