A Visit From a Purple Martin

It’s a simple early morning routine; wake up, get up, hit the button on the coffeemaker, feed the dog. Put on a sweatshirt, slip on some shoes, look out the window and then open the door to let the dog out and some air in. Stand in the doorway and Thank God I’m Alive!

This morning, as I was standing in the doorway giving Thanks, imagine my surprise when a purple martin flew right up to my face, paused, and then veered off! And then, just to prove a point, did it AGAIN!

I love purple martins. I love the way they soar. I love that they eat mosquitoes. I love the sheen of that beautiful purple black that glistens in the sun. I love the way they fly together, and fly so apparently haphazardly, yet never collide.

I looked up purple martin in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak after my close encounter. Turns out, according to Ted, that the purple martin stands for good luck and community peace. I like those attributes!

We live in the country. And we are fortunate to have some pastureland around us, surrounded by trees, and bordering on a brook.
So we have an abundance of wildlife around us; the species and varieties of birds and animals we see alternate with the seasons.

When I read the piece about purple martin, I remembered that we have always had purple martins here, as long as we have been here. Last year a bunch of them lined up on the wagon and yacked at us for hours when we were working too close to their nests!

And they fly overhead all summer long, feeding on the multitude of mosquitoes which otherwise would feed on us.

What does that signify?

To me, that there is ALWAYS Good luck.
That there is ALWAYS Community peace.

The martin just got in my face this morning to remind me!

It’s a Good Life.



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  1. Marilyn Holt says:

    That was a great post. It cheered me up, and reminded me…

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