Why Does Facebook Work So Well For Marketing?

Is it because it’s so advanced and well thought out as a marketing tool?

Is it because the folks who dreamed it up and built it had that in mind?

Is it because it was designed for business?

No. Absolutely not! Most of the ‘gurus’ out there will tell you that Facebook is messy and disorganized as a marketing tool.
However, the gurus will tell you that in spite of that, it’s one of the best marketing tools around if you pay attention to the ‘rules.’
Well, yes, if you are deliberately marketing your business on Facebook, there are some rules of engagement to follow. That means, if you’re spending money on marketing in Facebook, there are definitely some rules of engagement to follow.

But, that’s not the question. The question is,

“Why does Facebook work so well as a marketing tool?”

Think about it. What is Facebook? Facebook is primarily a social application that allows people to get in touch with, and keep in touch with, their friends and family.

What’s the marketing phrase for that? “Word of mouth advertising.”
It’s generally free, it’s targeted, and it has the hands down highest percentage success rate in history for selling ANYTHING.

If you decide you need a new doctor, where are you going to look for one? The yellow pages? You might start there, but will you call them? Set up an appointment with them? Maybe. But, more likely, even if you DO find them in the yellow pages, you’re going to ask around, talk to people you know and trust, to find out what they know about this doctor. And, based on what you hear from people you know, you will either call and make an appointment, or avoid them like the plague.
THAT’s what makes Facebook fabulous for getting the word out about you. And it’s so simple to sign up, set up a page and “friend” all your friends and family, that you are up and running and “advertising” in a couple of minutes!

Here’s the catch. Remember that what you say holds a lot of weight with people who know you and trust you. You can influence your loved ones, your friends, and THEIR friends, with what you say.

By the same token, your friends, family, and THEIR friends and family can have a similar influence on how you are perceived, based on what they say.

And on Facebook, that can be a HUGE audience.

Use the audience. Share the love. “Like” what you like.

And, most of all, be fair in what you say – because Facebook is the biggest mouth in Word of Mouth advertising I’ve ever seen!



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