Snow Day!

There’s a song on the radio called “Snow Day,” and I can’t remember the singer’s name, but I love – that – song! If I’m having less than charming thoughts, and this song starts playing on the radio, I IMMEDIATELY become light-hearted and fun-loving.

So what’s that all about?

I realized this morning that, when I was a kid and we heard we were having no school due to a snow day, my immediate reaction was to BURST with excitement and joy at the freedom of it!

It was much more exciting than a holiday or a sick day because it was spontaneous and fleeting, and – and – an act of God. Something about that idea of – SNOW DAY! Sledding, making angels in the snow, shoveling snow even (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little on that one.) All momentary, fleeting events that can only take place when God dumps a load of snow on us to play in.

Well, the feeling has lasted for me all these years. Even when it’s something I wanted to do, desperately wanted to do, that is canceled or postponed because of snow, there’s that feeling of – SNOW DAY! Pure Joy.

So here’s what I do nowadays when I hear – SNOW DAY!

I savor every second of the day. No matter what I’m doing; working, reading, shoveling, writing a blog, talking to friends or clients, watching a movie, doing a tax return, whatever I’m doing, I consciously choose to be present and savor the activity, the moment.

And as I experience and enjoy all the fleeting preciousness of the – SNOW DAY! – I am one day closer to practicing that feeling of savoring every moment every day, not just on – SNOW DAY!



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  1. Jet says:

    Finally got a chance to add some photos of Snow Day!

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