Sometimes Simple Doesn’t SEEM Simple

Sometimes I can feel my irritation and annoyance growing with the inspirational essays I read. My knee-jerk reaction is –

Just tell it like it is! Quit beating around the bush!

Trust me when I tell you – I prefer things straightforward and simple!


I’ve noticed that the simplest and most straightforward ideas I’ve read and heard required some form of comprehension on my part.

You mean, Jet, that I can’t just take a directive and my life becomes serene and harmonious?

You mean, Jet, that I have to WORK at it?

And the answer is “yes.”

Why? Because simple for me might not be simple for you.
Because my happiness might not mean happiness to you.
And true happiness means happiness in every moment – starting with understanding that different people have different ideas of what happiness is.

The deepest concepts are extremely simple.
That doesn’t necessarily mean the deepest concepts are easy to get.
Most deep, simple concepts leave a LOT to the imagination – and that’s the work part.

So, if you find yourself reading an essay, and your irritation at the obscure nature of the concept starts to mount, pay attention! It could mean, with a little imagination on your part, the answer to your “simple” question!



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